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  • Hanging Pictures

    Hanging Pictures

    Anyone who’s ever hung frames on a wall knows that if you want it to look right you need to do some math. And you also know that the multi-packs of frames you get at discount stores belong in a dumpster.  The frames fall apart, the hangers are a pain to get on the wall,…

  • Kids Talking

    Kids Talking

    Everyone always says that they can’t wait until their baby starts to talk.  They’re so excited, can’t wait to hear what the first word will be..  Trust me, that first word is only the beginning.  I’m convinced that kids can talk for hours straight without taking a breath.  And there’s a difference between talking and…

  • Mothers Day

    Mothers Day

    Every father has felt this.  We’re expected to make Mother’s Day big.  Breakfast in bed, nice presents, a day of relaxation, fancy dinner.  It is the “Day on which Mother must not be stressed”.  (And moms do deserve this, they work hard!) And then there’s Father’s Day.  We’re expected to cook our own meal and…

  • Talking about work

    Talking about work

    I listen to my wife’s work stories.  Every single one.  I’ll admit, sometimes I don’t want to listen to how an argument over scheduling was resolved. And I don’t talk about work often, but when I do it’s because something big happened. 

  • Watching a movie

    Watching a movie

    Does anyone else’s partner spend more time on their phone looking up what other movies the actors/actresses have been in than actually watching the story?  Or they go to the bathroom and say “no, you don’t need to pause it”, only to come back and ask 20 questions about what happened while they were gone? …

  • Communication after having kids…

    Communication after having kids…

    This one is fairly self-explanatory…

  • Home Projects

    Home Projects

    If you have a house you have a never-ending list of things to fix, clean, organize, improve, etc. And if your wife has a large family you have a never-ending list of family related social obligations.  What happened to weekends with no plans? 

  • TV Shows

    TV Shows

    I mean, come on, there are almost as many baking shows as there are different spin-offs of “Law & Order”.  There’s always a twist, no one is surprised that there’s a twist, we all know it’s coming.  If there was one episode without a twist, now that would be a surprise.  Just imagine all the…

  • Chores


    Yes, my wife does a lot of work around that house (probably more than me, I admit it!).  I don’t have any issues with splitting the chores and childcare as equally as possible.  But am I the only one that feels that certain chores are always left to the husband?  Do people really think that…

  • Buying in Bulk

    Buying in Bulk

    I wish I could say that this was due to the pandemic, but I could have built igloos out of all the rolls of paper towels and toilet paper we had long before then.