Modern Husband Comics

  • Ordering Coffee

    I get it, sometimes you have a large order for coffee. Maybe you’re getting it for your family and need four or five coffees. But if you’re going to order for your entire office building can’t you call ahead, write it down, or since this isn’t 1970, maybe place the order online?

  • The state of my webcomic..

    Is anyone really reading this? Probably not. Do I care? Not really.

  • Planning a remote work day


    Okay, I know I’m probably not the only one who’s had this conversation way too many times. Remote work is, oddly enough, still work. The asks may be small, quick things, but they add up. And during a remote work day you’re supposed to work, just like if you were physically at work. Yes, I could maybe run out for lunch with you (since I’d have lunch at work too). No, it’s not possible to go shopping with you afterwards. And having me go with you to a dozen appointments is not a remote work day, for that I need to take a day off..

  • Hanging Pictures

    Anyone who’s ever hung frames on a wall knows that if you want it to look right you need to do some math. And you also know that the multi-packs of frames you get at discount stores belong in a dumpster.  The frames fall apart, the hangers are a pain to get on the wall, etc.  Have you ever tried to put a half dozen frames of different sizes up a stairway, so that they look even and lined up?  It’s a pain.  Yes, I will get the frames on the wall.  No, I can’t just put a hole in the wall and flop them up there.  It takes maths.  Not calculus, but still maths..

  • Password requirements

    Is it just me, or are password requirements getting a little out of hand lately?  I know, this is supposed to make them more secure from brute force hacking.  And it stops people from making their password “password”.  But we all know that the harder you make the password requirements, the more likely you are to find the password taped to the bottom of the keyboard…

  • Changing your password

    First, no, this is not my password.  But I’m sure everyone has been through this before.  You type in your password, and it doesn’t work.  You’ve used this password a thousand times before with no issues, but it doesn’t work this time.  So you try again, it still doesn’t work.  Fine, you curse the computer gods and go through the process to change your password, typing in the same password you had before.  And then the cursed machine tells you that you can’t use that password, because it’s the same as your previous password…

  • Kids toy directions

    Seriously, WTF with kids toys and assembly now?  Are they no longer put together in the factory?  I’ve started giving certain toys I’ve identified over the years to kids of people I don’t like just for kicks!  I once had to assemble a toy, listed ages 5-8, that partway through the directions casually mentioned “now you’ll begin putting together the hydraulic assembly”.  WHAT?  I’m having a hard time putting this thing together with my hands now stuck together with superglue.  And this is supposed to be ages 5-8? 

  • The Shrinking Shirts

    Ever bought a shirt, wore it once, and then it never fits the same again?  I feel like I have a small collection of what are now belly-shirts, although that’s not what they were when I bought them…  Have I gained weight over the years?  Yes.  Have I gained enough weight in a week to make a new shirt suddenly look four sizes too small?  Doubtful. 

  • Waiting in lines

    We’ve all had this happen.  Are lines really that hard of a concept to understand?  These are the same people who try to push from the back of the airplane before it’s even landed.  Can we all at least pretend to be civilized?  And apologies if I offend anyone with the choice of shirt, it’s just that I happen to encounter this more in large cities…

  • Kids Talking

    Everyone always says that they can’t wait until their baby starts to talk.  They’re so excited, can’t wait to hear what the first word will be..  Trust me, that first word is only the beginning.  I’m convinced that kids can talk for hours straight without taking a breath.  And there’s a difference between talking and saying something.  If you have kids you understand: kids can talk a lot while saying very little…