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  • Kids toy directions

    Kids toy directions

    Seriously, WTF with kids toys and assembly now?  Are they no longer put together in the factory?  I’ve started giving certain toys I’ve identified over the years to kids of people I don’t like just for kicks!  I once had to assemble a toy, listed ages 5-8, that partway through the directions casually mentioned “now…

  • Kids Talking

    Kids Talking

    Everyone always says that they can’t wait until their baby starts to talk.  They’re so excited, can’t wait to hear what the first word will be..  Trust me, that first word is only the beginning.  I’m convinced that kids can talk for hours straight without taking a breath.  And there’s a difference between talking and…

  • Communication after having kids…

    Communication after having kids…

    This one is fairly self-explanatory…

  • Kids jokes

    Kids jokes

    Have you ever listened to a kid tell a joke?  Assuming they even manage to remember the full joke, and the joke makes any sense at all?  They. Won’t. Stop.

  • Career Day

    Career Day

    Okay, some jobs are easy to explain, and some are just not.  “I’m a vet, I help animals!”, “I’m a nurse, I help patients!”, “I’m an architect, I design buildings!”.  How do you tell your kids that you work in Operations?  Show me a second grader who knows what a Comptroller does.  Want to put…

  • Music


    You really want to support your kids as they explore new hobbies and interests.  However, I’m fairly certain that telling the kids to go home and practice musical instruments over the weekend as homework is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

  • Responsible Adult

    Responsible Adult

    Do I even need to explain?